My name is Stephanie Gerhardt and I own India Elaine Travel!

 My journey to becoming a travel consultant began 20 years ago when my husband and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon.  During that trip, we discovered our love for experiencing new places and cultures. We were hooked.  We decided to make travel a priority in our lives, but finding the time and sticking to a budget requires lots of research and planning. I happily volunteered for the task!



While I was organizing trips for family and friends on the side, my day jobs included working as a museum education director, then later, a real estate agent.  I honed my skills as a researcher and event planner at the museum.  In real estate, I learned that listening to clients and asking the right questions are the only way to turn their vision into reality.

The final destination in my journey is India Elaine Travel. My job here is to listen, research and plan...so YOU can explore, play and relax.  Where can we take you?

Why Use A
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India Elaine Travel is proud to be affiliated with Uniglobe Travel Center and Ensemble Travel Group!

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